How We Do It


Is Supporting Your Community Important to You?

We work with businesses who are passionate about their community, believe in keeping business local, and desire to make a positive impact.


Send Us Your Current Processing Statement

Why do we need this? We want to give you a snapshot of your current costs and show you how much you can save by switching to the Good side. We also want to know if this is an average month of processing and what your high months look like. This gives us an idea of how your business hums along in the processing world.


Receive A Proposal

Now that we know more about you and your business we go to work. We look at all the numbers and come back with a proposal that gives more money back to your business and shows you how your business processing with PFG will impact the local community.


Let’s Get Started

Are you excited to save money and support your community? We are! We walk you through the application process, signing the documents and once approved (usually one day) ship the equipment. Don’t worry we will be there for you through the entire set up process to ensure it goes smoothly.


Inspire Your Customers

We want your customers to know you are supporting the community. We will send you tools to showcase your commitment to giving back and help inspire your customers in joining you.


You Are Not Alone

We are always here for you.  Whatever you might need we are just a call away.  But just in case we will reach out to you often (not in a stalky kind of way) to make sure you have all the tools you need.


Know Your Impact

It’s important to us that you know you are making a difference. Every year we will send you an impact report highlighting how your business helped the local community. You will also receive an impact award and personal thank you from your chosen charity.

Let's Get the Good Going!